For over 130 years, America has seen our iconic Squirrel zip from pack to pack. No stranger to exploring new lands and secret flavors, they’ve traveled the world in search of the most exquisite nuts and finest ingredients. From the depths of the Antarctic, tucked inside explorer Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s pocket, to Hollywood dressing rooms – legend has it that our Squirrel has taken kettle-roasted nuts all the way to the stars... and back again.

Nuts since 1888.

Our story begins in Boston, Massachusetts. A bright-eyed Squirrel shoulders their knapsack and sets off on an adventure that will change the history of nuts forever.

1888 Squirrel was founded in Roxbury, MA and registered with the U.S. patent office.
1889 Mr. Perley G. Gerrish acquired Squirrel and moved the company to Cambridge, MA. He began to sell his mixed nut varieties from store to store throughout the Boston area by means of horse and wagon.
1890 Squirrel Nut Caramels were first made by the original owners of The Austin T. Merrill Company of Roxbury, MA.
1899 First incorporated as “Squirrel Brands Salted Nut Company.” It was soon reincorporated as the Squirrel Brand Company.
1900 Gerrish introduces first 5c bag of Squirrel Brand peanuts.
1903 Squirrel Brand Peanut Bars, Nut based caramels and candies, also known as Nut Caramels, Squirrel Brand Chews, Butter Chews, Nut Zippers.

Introduced Peanut Bars.
1906 Assorted Caramels printed and embossed box liners.
1908 Factory Shipping, 620 Main Street.
1915 - 1999 Cambridge, MA.
1922 Southern Style Nuts brand is established.
1926 Patent of registered trademark for Shakapack Peanuts

Squirrel Brand introduces the 1st Squirrel Brand Nut Zippers, a delicious vanilla nut caramel.
1920 - 1930s POS, headers and packaging cartons.
1928 Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd begins his first expedition to the Antarctic, with Squirrel nuts tucked inside his pocket.
1930 - 1940s Decorated litho metal tin introduced by Squirrel Brand for Salted Mixed Nuts, Peanut Brittle, 5c Peanuts, Mixed Nuts.
1944 Squirrel Brand nuts were shipped all over the world during World War II.

One soldier stationed in the Philippines wrote: “I received a Christmas box with a pack of your peanuts in it. … I was amazed at their freshness after the many thousands of miles they had to come.”
1955 Nut Zippers becomes a registered trademark, filed in 1954.
1970s Updated Nut Zippers packaging.